What are we working on?

Right now we are working on a game that will be called “Black Friday”. It’s going to be a simulator of the madness that happens on this day.

What is the game about?

When you start a new game, you find yourself in a house. There you can get some weapons to be prepared. In the house will be also a garage with a car. You will use the car to go to the shop. You will try to get there as fast as you can. That might sound easy and boring, but there will be others on the road and they will try to go to the shop as well.

Once you reach the shop, you grab yourself a shopping cart and buy as many things as you can. But – here comes the twist – the Black Friday sale applies only to the first 30 customers. Your score will be counted only if you are one of those 30. But that still isn´t everything.

You will have to take the stuff you bought here securely home – But others, who weren´t lucky enough to buy something will try to damage the things you bought. If you make it to your home, your score will finally be saved and you can open some bottle you bought and chill out 🙂


So that´s our plan. Please note that even though from the text above it might seem this game will be a multiplayer one, it will be single player.

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